by Fathers Lungs

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released March 14, 2014

All songs written by Fathers Lungs
Produced, mixed and mastered by Bowen Matheson



all rights reserved


Father's Lungs Kelowna, British Columbia

Okanagan Valley Hardcore

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Track Name: Question
These suit and tie puppets are leading us blind,
robbing our pockets and dulling our minds.
Controlling the airwaves to guide us from the truth.
Pass every student to dumb down the youth.
Don't let your guard down, question everything.
The people who guide you don't know anything.
They pride on your wealth and don't care if you fall.
Fuck what they say.
Question it all.

Your taxes are being spent
on finding ways to make you poor.
Make sure you know what you get
before you give your support.
You gotta look deeper than the front page and the CNN
so we can make a change and not make these mistakes again.

Watch your step, their knives are in your back,
taking advantage of knowledge you lack.
Drive you broke and charge you past the grave,
make profit off all the hours you slaved.
Personal cuts from health and education
fuck up schools - brainwash generations.
Open your eyes to all of their lies.
Life is a war - fight to survive.

We need to rise up or watch the world sink.
A question and a voice is worth more than you think.
We need to rise up or watch the world sink.
A question and a voice is so much more than you would think.
Track Name: Black and Gray
My mind won't let me rest
so here I lie awake,
second guessing every thought that I had that day.
Tell myself i'll change tomorrow
sleep it off - I can't fill what is hollow.
Stuck in a vicious fucking cycle that I can't escape.

Sadness, but the tears won't flow.
Anger that I can't let go.
Hide it, the smiling hurts my cheeks,
running from all that makes me feel.

The sleep diminishes, the worries keep piling up.
If I keep suppressing emotion, i'm afraid I will erupt.
But I choke on the words, and leave stress on my mind.
Searching for a mental peace that i'll never find.

Don't ask me how I feel today,
all I see is black and gray

My head's in fog
my hearts a pit,
my soul's been dragged through dirt and shit.
Track Name: Unjust
Suspended with pay, what a fucking crime,
you fuck up, the innocent do the time.
When a knife in hand is worth a clip of shots,
and a language barreier causes a lethal shock.
To serve and protect is just an excuse,
for unnecesary violence and power abuse.
You have a job, so do it by the books.
Instead of hiding behind your badge, being a crook

I'm not saying that all cops are bastards,
I'm just saying some forgot what matters.
If they have proof of murder and seized drugs,
the bullshit gets swept underneath the rug.

I shouldn't feel fear when I see you in the mirror,
or distrust when I pass you in the streets.
I'm doing nothing wrong but you'll stop me for something.
Enough of your bullshit, i'll go with you in peace.

Are we between strife and democracy?
Sick of this hierarchy of emergencies.
RCMP strikes no fear in me.
Do your job and keep the streets clean in peace.